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News Too Weird To Make Up
Canadian students could soon be graduating from "Taco Bell High" or "Wal-Mart Public School" if trustees here go ahead with a scheme to sell school naming rights to corporations to raise extra funds.read the full story
Tobi the monkey is old, doesn't have all her teeth and may be confused. She's missing, and her owners, neighbors and animal control officers in St. Charles County have been combing the streets and woods for her. read the full story

Racial Slur of the Month: July 2007
Slur: Boat Rower
Race targeted: Cubans
Origin: Many people from Cuba attempt to sneak into the United States on rafts, boat or any floating debris.
Example: "I wonder what ever happened to the Elian Gonzalez kid? He was such a Boat Rower. Kind of like Tony Montana from Scarface, which is not nearly as good a movie as people make it out to be."