Holy cow is it hot enough for you all? Sorry it has been so long since our last issue, we don't have any excuse other than that we are pretty lazy around the Grand 'Poon home office. That and that we have been busy scouring the interweb for naked pictures of Anna Nicole Smith's decomposing body. We heard she is dating Barbaro. Now those would be some pictures we could get into.

Crazy necrophiliac bestiality playmate pictures aside we think we have a good issue for you. Osama bin Laden checks back in with the 'Poon staff. As a follow up to our popular office pranks article we have some summer fun tips for those of you that are bored with summer already.

All that and new episode of the Grand 'Poon Radio Hour for your summer listening pleasure. This time Fred Bradshaw tells us all about how he keeps "finding" panties in his apartment building laundry room. This may be the point where the GPRH stops being known as a podcast and starts being called "evidence." Good luck to you Fred Bradshaw.

Enjoy the issue and as always send any bikini pictures you happen to snap out at Drumbeater Island, Tioga Pit, Blandin (Piss) Beach etc. to us here at grandpoon@grandpoon.com.