If there is one thing that we love around the Grand 'Poon home office it is horror movies. The scarier the better. So just in time for you to watch them and get yourself in the mood for Halloween, here are the Top 10 Scary Movies for Halloween:

10. Saw. More than being scary this movie was pretty interesting. It had that twist at the end that was the best since the biggest of them all - The Sixth Sense. It was dark, dirty and creepy, perfect for getting in the Halloween spirit.

9. The Ring. Now we are really split around the home office. Fred Bradshaw and Les the Midget thought it was pretty boring and lame. Kang, Freddy Jones, and Wes the Idjut, all slept for at least a week with the lights on after seeing this. We haven't heard of anyone being in the middle. It is either the scariest thing you have ever seen or pretty boring. Take your chances if you watch this one. We mainly wanted to include it to rip on those little pansy girls in our office that increased global warming by sleeping with the lights on because they were scared of a little girl that climbs out of a well. Sort of a wet, demonic baby Jessica.

8. Bubba Ho Tep. This isn't scary, but it is fucking hilarious. Bruce Campbell in his first of two appearances in this top ten list plays an aging Elvis "living" in a nursing home in Texas, that just happens to be located near an Egyptian mummy who feasts on the souls of the soon to be departed. Of course things come to a head in an epic battle involving oxygen tanks, electric wheel chairs and the still alive but black John F. Kennedy. Did you get lost there? Well watch the movie, you will not be disappointed.

7. The Sixth Sense. Not so much a Halloween movie but it has some scary intense parts, not including Bruce Willis' hair or a shirtless Donnie Walhberg.

6. From Dusk Till Dawn. If there is one thing we love nearly as much as movies about zombies, it is movies about vampires and this is one of the best. From Dusk Till Dawn is like the Lost Boys, but without Keifer Sutherland and his pretty boy vampires. And let's not get started on the two Corey's. It was sad that they spent so much time in their reality show this summer talking about how important the Lost Boys was to the rest of the world. News flash guys it wasn't. Dusk Till Dawn on the other hand was incredible. Easily George Clooney's finest performance. Rough and ugly Mexican biker vampires, Selma Hayek's snake dance, Harvey Keitel, and Cheech as the brothel barker. What more could you ask for in a film? The sound track is pretty sweet too.

5. Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell is back in the first of the epic trilogy. How many other movies do you know of where there is a demon locked in the basement and a co-ed gets raped by a tree? Me either. Campbell even makes a girls name - Ash, short for Ashley - macho.

4. Halloween. We haven't seen Bob Zombie's remake yet, our advanced screening copy must have gotten lost in the mail. Damn Grand Rapids post office, but the original is awesome. Simple, stripped down horror. Aside from one of the greatest killing machines ever this movie also features a young Jamie Lee Curtis. And to think some people really think she was born a man.

3. Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees. Enough said.

2. Dawn of the Dead. We love zombie movies above all else and this is our favorite of the bunch. Oh wait they remade this too didn't they. Well, actually the remake wasn't bad. Pretty different from the original, but it had a lot more laughs. Alright, we will call this a tie, watch the original movie and then check out the remake. You will enjoy them both.

1. The Exorcist. This movie is fucking scary. Shit your pants, sleep with the lights on, run out of the basement scary. The only person we know of that isn't completely freaked out by this movie is Dangerous Danny Smith, and that is probably just because he is too drunk to understand fear. Simply because of the scare factor we had to put this number one. Trust us, don't watch this if you want to sleep comfortably in the near future.